Welcome to FAIB Mental Health

The FAIB Mental Health programme began in 2019. We are one of the largest totally independent regulators of First Aid in the UK and are now leading the way in providing affordable accreditation for Mental Health Training Providers throughout the United Kingdom and beyond.

Similarly to FAIB First Aid we pride ourselves in offering our Mental Health members fair annual fixed rates and the freedom to issue your own certificates at no extra cost.

The FAIB Mental Health mission is to produce and work with only the highest quality trainers to help build a network of Mental Health experts who can make a positive difference in the lives of others

You can find a list of all our accredited Mental Health Trainers in your local area here.

Our courses cover the 3 key components of Mental Health. Click below for more details.

1) First Aid For Mental Health

Focus on:

  • Improving ability to recognise mental health problems.
  • Decreasing stigmatisation.
  • Increasing confidence in providing appropriate help and a mental health action plan to someone with a mental health problem.
2) Mental Health In The Workplace

Learning how to:

  • Set up a Mental Health and Wellbeing Plan.
  • Implementing this plan into a workplace environment.
  • Fulfil both legal and guidance obligations as an employer.
3) Wellbeing

Create a:

  • Wellbeing framework backed by New Economic Foundations Research that can be implemented both personally and in the workplace. 

Meet The Team

Emma Last - Lead Trainer

Our lead trainer Emma Last is a leading name in the Mental Health industry with over 17 years’ experience in leading teams, coaching, training and managing of the CPD and wellbeing for over 1000 teachers.

Emma has a deep understanding of Mental Health and Wellbeing and is highly skilled in passing on her knowledge to those who take part in the FAIB Train the Trainer courses. Through her training and mentoring Emma is helping FAIB to build a network of Mental Health experts who can make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Ian Kershaw MBE - Managing Director

Ian Kershaw MBE, created the FAIB First Aid regulation/accreditation programme some 10 years ago. With over 25 years industry experience and a passion for creating a level playing field for all first aid/mental health training providers. He has disrupted the industry with cost effective memberships, courses and training books that maintain the highest standards.