Follow These Steps to Become Accredited with FAIB Mental Health


We offer courses that specialise in adult or childrens mental health. Both courses can be completed in person or online (zoom)

Level 3 Teaching qualification is required.

Train The Trainer - Course Info

The courses cover the contents of the FAIB Mental Health 2 day course.

Adult Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing  (17 Hours)

Children and Young Persons Mental Health and Wellbeing (15 Hours)

You will see the course you have chose to train put into practice so you are able to replicate it.

1) Book your course HERE

2) FAIB send you a training manual.

3) Three hour intro call.

4) Take part in two day training course.

5) FAIB Provide you with teaching materials including PowerPoints and lesson plans.

6) Complete 2 Hour Assessment – Multiple Choice Questions + 15 Minute Presentation using provided teaching materials.

7) Receive E-Certificates – Train The Trainer (never expires) + FAIB 3 Year certificate in chosen subject. (adult or child)


To teach courses and issue certificates you will need to register with FAIB Mental Health as a Training Provider.

1) Contact FAIB HERE, attach your FAIB Train The Trainer and 3 Year Certificates.

2) FAIB will send you an invoice – View Costs HERE

3) FAIB will issue your licence, provide you with access to the teaching materials and a discount code for training handbooks.

4) Order Books – You are required to purchase the handbook for every delegate that attends your courses as this provides a valuable resource for ongoing reference.

5) You are now ready to teach! You will issue your own certificates using the FAIB template as a guideline.


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