faib mental health training standards

Guidelines For Trainers/Assessors & Training Providers

As from 1st January 2020, all FAIB Mental Health Trainers must be trained and assessed by the FAIB Mental Health Lead Trainer(s) to ensure that standards of trainers are maintained.


Standards are very important to FAIB and therefore there will be a yearly requirement for each Trainer to:

  • Deliver a minimum of two 2 day Mental health and Well-being Courses in addition to any of the shorter courses that they may run.
  • Attend a FAIB CPD event to maintain your FAIB Mental Health Approval
    Certificate. (This may be at a FAIB Conference or a separate event)
  • Submit a minimum of two self evaluations of your training
  • Submit evaluations for the first two courses that you run even if they are shorter courses.
  • Have a complaints procedure in place.

In Addition to the yearly requirements, in every course you teach you must:

  • Issue each delegate a FAIB Mental Health Training handbook.
  • Provide a feedback form for each student to complete.

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