Simple steps to get your FAIB Mental Health & Wellbeing accreditation

Step 1: Complete the FAIB Adult or Children/Young People Train the Trainer course

Decide which course is best for you.

Both the Adult & Children/Young People courses cover all modules

Delivered over 15-18 hours

includes a 3-hour introductory call

finally you will complete a 2-hour assessment after the completion of the course

The Adult course covers the contents of the 2 Day FAIB Workplace Mental Health & Wellbeing course

The 2 Day FAIB Children and Young People Mental Health and Wellbeing course over 15 hours plus assessment

During the Trainer course you will see the course you have chosen to train put into practice, so that you are able to conduct the course yourself.

Please note that in order to attend this course you must have either a Teacher or Trainer/Assessor qualification or show that you have Accredited Prior Leaning (APL) as a Teacher.

Step 2: Lesson Plans and Powerpoint Presentations

FAIB Mental Health will provide you with a Lesson Plan and PowerPoint presentation which you need to familiarise yourself with in preparation for your assessment.

Step 3: Your Assessment

You will have the opportunity to be able to put into practice what you have learned. You will complete a multiple choice assessment to show that you have retained what you have been taught.

You will then carry out your own 15 minute presentation of the course content on an agreed topic, this will enable you to demonstrate your competence whilst being assessed by the FAIB Mental Health team.

You should then have the confidence to be able to deliver the course comprehensively to your delegates.

Step 4 Register with FAIB as a Mental Health Training Provider & Trainer

Once you have paid your Registration fees FAIB will provide you with access to the Members only page where you will find comprehensive Lesson Plans and PowerPoint presentations for the courses that you’ve been trained in, this is all included in the cost of your FAIB licence.

Please note that you will not be able to conduct FAIB Mental Health course unless you have already registered with FAIB Mental Health.

Step 5: FAIB Issue your Mental Health Training Provider licence

Once you have received your FAIB licence you are ready to teach the courses you’ve been trained in whether it be Adult or Child courses and issue FAIB certificates to delegates. FAIB will provide templates for every course.

Step 6: Purchasing FAIB Mental Health Training Handbooks

FAIB have published Adult Mental Health and Wellbeing and Children and Young Peoples Mental Health and Well Being handbooks which accompany the Lesson Plans and the PowerPoint presentations.

You are required to purchase the handbook for every delegate that attends your courses as this provides a valuable resource for ongoing reference.

Step 7: Certification

Remember that under the FAIB system you will issue your own Mental Health certificate (FAIB will supply templates for this at no extra cost) so there is no cost to you for the certification.